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poker at Blue Moon Casino

Add a touch of class to your event with Blue Moon Casino. We’ve been bringing the glamour and excitement of hosted gambling to corporate, private, film and TV industry events for more than 20 years. From casino classics to pub quizzes, our evenings deliver black-tie quality with personality and style.

Fully trained croupiers run the tables at our casino events. Consummate MCs host our quizzes, race nights and TV-show inspired evenings. What’s more, we dress your set professionally to the theme of your choice - whether it’s a wedding, a company night out or a scene in a movie.

Poker at Blue Moon Casino

Paul Newman played it like a pro in The Sting and Lady Gaga had a huge hit with it. Poker is one of the oldest card games in the world and is still going strong. It's a must for any casino evening. Reckon no-one can read your poker face? Find out which of your friends, colleagues or relatives is the ultimate bluffer at the poker table.

It's fast, furious, thrilling, and always keeps 'em coming back for more! Our authentic, full-sized poker tables bring all those classic silver screen moments to life. Experience the heady rush of this classic card game without losing a penny in the process! We bring the glitz of Vegas gambling to your wedding, corporate event, or big birthday bash. Get into the spirit of things with your very own croupiers, who will be on hand to show everyone the tricks of the trade.

Play for prizes of your choice with our special vouchers, exchanged for chips to gamble with at the poker table.